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El Salvador - Santa Elena Washed

El Salvador - Santa Elena Washed

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【Product Summary】

Production area: El Salvador - Santa Elena

Purification method: washed

Altitude: 1,700-1,950 m

Roast level: light roast

Best before date: 60 days from the roasting date (roasting date is written on the individual packaging)

Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.


Santa Elena Farm This is a prestigious farm that has won a total of seven Cup of Excellence awards.
If I were to describe it in one word, it would be "the most balanced coffee." It has a sweetness similar to milk chocolate, a moderate amount of fruitiness, and a pleasantly heavy body, giving it a neutral finish in a good sense. Up until now, we have had coffee with strong acidity and aroma, so we are introducing a new coffee that is not sharp and has a harmonious balance!

[About the grind]

You can choose from two types: [as beans] or as powder.

If you select [Powder], we will prepare it in medium grind.

[About delivery]

We will ship your order the day after we receive your order. (Open all year round)

【Shipping method】

We will use Japan Post's Click Post.

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